Thursday, October 07, 2010

Poetry That Speaks to the Heart

I'm getting myself packed up and ready to head home from Colorado Springs, so this will be a short post featuring a particularly interesting poem I found online recently. It's titled "Bridal Shower" but, as you'll see, it deals only tangentially with bridal showers. The author and I understand each other. Enjoy ...

Bridal Shower
by George Bilgere

Perhaps, in a distant café,
four or five people are talking
with the four or five people
who are chatting on their cell phones this morning
in my favorite café.

And perhaps someone there,
someone like me, is watching them as they frown,
or smile, or shrug
at their invisible friends or lovers,
jabbing the air for emphasis.

And, like me, he misses the old days,
when talking to yourself
meant you were crazy,
back when being crazy was a big deal,
not just an acronym
or something you could take a pill for.

I liked it
when people who were talking to themselves
might actually have been talking to God
or an angel.
You respected people like that.

You didn't want to kill them,
as I want to kill the woman at the next table
with the little blue light on her ear
who has been telling the emptiness in front of her
about her daughter's bridal shower
in astonishing detail
for the past thirty minutes.

O person like me,
phoneless in your distant café,
I wish we could meet to discuss this,
and perhaps you would help me
murder this woman on her cell phone,

after which we could have a cup of coffee,
maybe a bagel, and talk to each other,
face to face.

Have a good day. Remember that you don't need to share the details of your life with every stranger within earshot.

More thoughts tomorrow.



KathyA said...

Oh does this EVER speak to me!!!

Mike said...

This all goes back to the fact that holler (cell) phones are pieces of shit that don't work like they should.

When people are constantly going 'what? what?', it's not because they can't hear. It's because of the one second delay in voice transmission.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

LOL..that's some great poetry!! Hope you had a good trip!!