Monday, October 18, 2010

Odds and Ends for a Monday

I started out this morning to write a serious piece about ... well ... I won't tell you what it was about. I'll just save it for a morning when I'm a little more awake and can gather my thoughts better. I don't always spring out of bed intellectually fired up and coherent, after all. Heck, nowadays I'm only intellectually fired up and coherent by 5:00 PM about half the time.

So anyhow, here are a few assorted things to fill up the space and entertain you as you lurch into the last two weeks before the midterm elections on November 2nd.

First, a couple of useful signs you can put on your door to help chase off the clueless drones that go door-to-door flacking for their favorite candidate:

Of, if you choose to be a bit more direct ...

From the wonderful blog Indexed, a guide to the evaluation of political blather (and new products, for that matter)...

And finally, a look at how the major political parties see you ...

It's up to you to prove them wrong, after all.

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow.



Mike said...

You put 'morning' and 'coherent' in the same paragraph. That's just wrong.

Wv: hotison - A nicer designation for a MILF.

KathyA said...

If this was during a period of incoherence, I can't wait to read what you're like at full throttle!