Friday, January 24, 2014

A Team By Any Other Name, Part II ... and "Ask Bilbo" Returns

Yesterday's post, in which I trolled for suggestions for a new team name for the Washington Redskins, set a near record for comments. I got 11 on the post itself, and four on my Facebook page. Here's a recap of the suggestions:

Angel suggested "Clowns" or "Hookers."

Duckbutt offered "Inerts" or "Big Spenders."

Peggy will take anything but the current name.

Arizona Dave suggested "Beltway."

KathyA said that the name most often called out at games is "WTF."

Anemone wants the name of any majestic bird, such as "Eagles" (already taken), "Hawks," or "Kestrels."

Mike suggested "Yellow Bellies," with the idea that I could profit from all the sap-sucking at games.

Elvis likes "Sentinels" (after the fictional team from the movie The Replacements).

Allenwoodhaven suggested "Disenfranchised" (in honor of DC's lack of voting representation in Congress).

The Bastard King of England offered "Dodos" (probably not the majestic bird Anemone had in mind).

Heidi likes "Remoras" (because the team sucks). This one was my favorite.

Bob offered "Whooping Cranes" (also probably not one of those majestic birds).

Buggie suggested the "Can Twins" (say it quickly); and,

Rob offered "Filibusters."

Wow! Quite a response. Thank you all for your suggestions, none of which has a prayer of being adopted by the hapless Redskins. But it's nice to dream, isn't it?

But that was yesterday, and this is today. Today we turn to a new topic ... actually, to an old topic: we bring back your opportunity to ask the burning questions that are on your mind.

Last October, I ran a post titled Getting Your Answer Straight from the Horse's ... uh ... Never Mind, in which I offered you to ask me a question on any topic. The guidelines, as I wrote them at that time, are these:

"Ask Bilbo a question, and I'll answer it. I, of course, reserve the right to be selective in my choice of questions to answer (not everyone wants to know my underwear size, for example), but I will take on any question and answer it for you. It can be personal, philosophical, about current events, or whatever. Just remember Bilbo's Second Law: don't ask the question if you don't want to hear the answer."

You're up, Dear Readers: what do you want to know? Send your questions as a comment on this post, e-mail them to der(underscore)blogmeister(at)yahoo(dot)com, or - if you're on Facebook - send me a PM or leave a comment on the link. Depending on how many responses I receive, I'll start answering them on Sunday.

In the meantime, stay warm and be sure to come back tomorrow for Cartoon Saturday.

Have a good day. More thoughts coming.



eViL pOp TaRt said...

What television programs do you watch? Do you watch sports, comedies, dramas, news programs?

Duckbutt said...

What sort of fiction do you read?

allenwoodhaven said...

I'm surprised I didn't think of this name for the redskins: the turkeys! Ben Franklin wanted it to be the national bird and the name would fit perfectly.

My question is how often you read the comments, particularly for older posts.

Grand Crapaud said...

Where do you find those great cartoons for Cartoon Saturday?

Clarissa said...

Do you forsee a third party being viable?