Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cold Enough for You?

We have started what looks to be the coldest and most ferocious winter of recent memory. Or longer memory, even. As I write this, Buffalo, New York, is buried under six feet of snow, with another three feet expected today ... a normal year's worth of snow in just three days.

Thank goodness there's no such thing as climate change ... then we'd really be screwed, wouldn't we?

But the thing that really worries me as we move ahead toward winter (the winter solstice, the official first day of winter, doesn't even get here until December 21st) is this: winter storms like this one, combined with the enormous snow job that crashed down on our heads on Election Day, are not a good omen for the coming year.

I'm really shivering, and it's not just from the cold.

Have a good day. Stay warm. More thoughts tomorrow.



eViL pOp TaRt said...

Too much cold for me. Six feet? That's over my head.

Grand Crapaud said...

Too cold by far.

Linda Kay said...

I've been watching the snow story for Boston on the news...unbelievable to get that snow moved off the roads, etc. Keep warm out there!

Mike said...

Buildings are collapsing. You know what that means. Building code revisions are coming for sure.