Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Job-Related Dangers

We hear a lot about police brutality lately, and indeed there are many troubling incidents which indicate that some police officers are too quick to use force - particularly against minorities - when a softer approach might be more appropriate.

But it's also good to remember that the police have a difficult job to do, often in chaotic conditions or when a life-or-death decision must be made in a split second, without the luxury of time to think things through. Make one decision and you're a hero; make another and you're the villain. I don't think I could be a police officer, and my hat is off to those who can do that difficult job.

As an example of the wide range of dangers faced by police around the world, I call your attention to this story from the South China Morning Post, which reported on the outcome of the trial of a 30-year-old woman who was convicted of assaulting a Chinese police officer during a protest in Hong Kong by hitting him with her breast.

Defendant Ng Lai-ying was convicted of using her chest to hit the right arm of the police officer, Chief Inspector Chan Ka-po, while the officer was attempting to restore order during a protest against cross-border traders. Ms Ng claimed that Inspector Chan had touched her breast while trying to grab the strap of her shoulder bag, and accused him of indecent assault. The court, however, saw it differently, with the magistrate accusing her of maliciously fabricating the charge to harm the inspector's reputation.

As you might suspect, much of the population of Hong Kong is not taking the magistrate's ruling very seriously. Protestors gathered outside police headquarters loudly chanted "breasts are not weapons," and many demonstrators - including men - wore bras to protest what they considered to be a ludicrous ruling ...

Well, if I'm a police officer facing an unruly demonstrator, I'd rather that person be brandishing a pair of 38's, as opposed to a single .38 of greater lethality.

Have a good day. Ladies, you already know that your breasts have the power to reduce otherwise powerful men to quivering wrecks ... it's not necessary to use them as bludgeons, too. Please use your concealed-carry rights wisely.

More thoughts tomorrow.


P.S. - For another look at dangerous d├ęcolletage, check out my post from last March on bra holsters for your concealed weapon.


eViL pOp TaRt said...

Yours is a balanced view of the job of a policeman - sometimes dangerous. But battery with a boob could only be concluded by a boob. My gosh, would 44DDs be considered weapons of mass destruction?

Mike said...

If anything can make our courts look good it's Chinese courts.

allenwoodhaven said...

Quite ridiculous. China, however, does almost everything in odd ways. My sister travels there often and is there now. I've heard many a story...

Duckbutt said...

The lot of a policeman is not a happy one.