Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Ass Clown Special Award

I'm starting to get really depressed by the proliferation of amazingly stupid, proudly hypocritical ass clowns out there. There are days I'm divided between presenting ass clown awards every day and giving the whole thing up as a waste of my brain cells. But I'm going to soldier on and keep pointing out the idiots, because someone has to.

Although there are reinforced battalions of ass clowns in politics that could keep me busy for months, I have decided to turn to that other rich source of hypocrisy and bad behavior - religion - for my latest award.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers, I hereby present an

Ass Clown Special Award


Monsignor Jeffrey Burrill

Monsignor Burrill was the top administrator for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops until July 20th, and had taken a strong position in favor of denying Holy Communion to President Biden because of his support of abortion rights. He resigned after a Catholic newsletter alleged that cellphone data showed he had repeatedly used the Grindr dating app and visited gay bars ... after all, Catholic dogma forbids sexual relations outside heterosexual marriage and considers same-sex relations and marriage “intrinsically disordered.”

One can argue (and many have) that the use of Burrill's cell phone data to expose his private life is a violation of privacy and an offense in itself. Nevertheless, given the Catholic Church's long and sordid history of priests involved in sexual abuse and its uncompromising opposition to those who oppose its teachings on topics like abortion and homosexuality, Burrill's rank hypocrisy is illustrative of the larger problem of hypocritical behavior on the part of many religious leaders.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers, this week's Ass Clown Special Award goes to Monsignor Jeffrey Burrill - a prime example of the hypocrisy of many modern religious leaders.

Have a good day. More thoughts coming.



John A Hill said...

I'm truly sorry that selecting the lowest people of our society has become such a burden. Dredging for the depths of humanity becomes more difficult as the sludge becomes thicker each and every day.
Carry on!

Mike said...

Hypocrisy to the Nth power.

Bohemian said...

I'm glad you Soldiered on and I found your Blog via Mike's Blog roll. These things need to be said, pointed out and explained, because too few people really take the time to research facts and be able to spot frauds, Conmen, and the dregs of Humanity. Anyone can hide behind a Smile, a respected 'Uniform', a Pretty Face etcetera and not be at all what they appear on the surface. We have sadly seen how so many can manipulate masses of people and even weaponize them for their own Gain, Ego and twisted Causes. Hypocrisy abounds, I'm retired from a large District Attorney's Office and what people do when they think nobody is looking or they wouldn't get caught, is an Eye Opener for sure... some folks clean up well in Public and judge other people harshly when they got way more to hide themselves that they pray never gets revealed and they'll stand accountable for.