Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bilbo Remakes "The Shining"

Well, here I am in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I have meetings scheduled for tomorrow, a quarterly conference to attend on Thursday, and I'm scheduled to fly home on Friday. Unfortunately, a major winter storm is scheduled to hit the area on Thursday and into Friday. AARRGGHH!!

Do you remember the film version of Stephen King's novel The Shining? The one in which Jack Nicholson played the writer slowly going insane and trying to murder his family under the malign influence of the remote, haunted hotel where they were snowed in?

I don't remember exactly, but I surely hope that hotel wasn't this particular Holiday Inn Express.

And just to make things worse, my elderly laptop refuses to accept any network connections - wired or wireless, so I have to use the PC in the hotel business center to do anything online.



My blog posts may be less frequent until I get back home...whenever that is. I hope to be back in time for Cartoon Saturday, snow and airlines willing.

Stay tuned.

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow. Or the next day. Or, maybe, not until the weekend. Sigh.



SusieQ said...

If you are staying at a Holiday Inn Express, this means you will become an expert on something...maybe it will be open heart surgery.

(Remember the old TV ad for Holiday Inn Express? So funny!)

Mike said...

See, if you were retired you wouldn't be in this predicament.

Leslie David said...

I don't think the Overlook corresponds to the Holiday Inn Express. Just don't see any dead women in your bathtub. :) Does this mean we will not have the pleasure of your dancing company at the studio on Friday?

fiona said...

Oh my, Oh my , you sound like a "Hostage"!!
Fi, Mike & John NINJA SQUAD to your rescue...can we pay a couple of bucks for your release?


WV - fatal - What will happen if the "Ninja Squad" doesn't rescue Bilbo from Colorado Springs!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Oh man...at least try to enjoy yourself when you aren't working.

Bilbo said...

SusieQ - I hadn't thought about that! Maybe I can become an expert in something other than blogging. Hmmm...

Mike - who asked you?

Leslie - my flight is sked to leave at 8:00 Friday morning...and the snow is scheduled to end Friday afternoon. Wish me luck. If I make it, you can help warm me up on the dance floor!

Fiona - if you really took up a collection for my release, I expect you'd get $1.56 in Canadian coins and a few bottle caps. Can you send OTHER help?

Andrea - I have two books, my crossword puzzle magazine, and the letter I'm writing to Amanda...I should be able to occupy myself for a while...

vw: kiervest - the third piece of the expensive suit worn by Mr Dullea.