Sunday, March 01, 2009

Signs of Spring

Happy March 1st.

Our forecast for today and tomorrow is for snow, sleet, and freezing rain, which means that we're battening down the hatches and preparing for a nice, warm day of housecleaning and general indoor stuff. Agnes may finally finish the inventory of missing pieces from her new Lego set (and there are many, let me tell you), and I will take yet another stab at cleaning up my study (quit laughing, everyone). We have a nice corned beef brisket and two heads of cabbage waiting to be turned into my all-time favorite winter dinner, the wine rack is stocked, the cable and German satellite TV bills are paid up, the DVDs are standing at attention in rows, the iPod is loaded and charged up, and the propane tank for the fireplace is nearly full.

Bring it on, Mother Nature!

Nevertheless, there has been a hopeful sign of spring: yesterday our local Boy Scout troop left the flyer for its annual mulch sale, which delivers bagged mulch right to our driveway on March 28th, just in time for the spring planting and landscaping season. I am soooo ready to get out and work in the yard again...I'm with Andrea - I've got both hands raised to show that I'm heartily sick of the cold weather. I'm ready for ladies in tank tops, barbecues, and lounging on the deck with a gin and tonic after work. I'm ready to start raking in the herbs from my garden. I'm ready to do endless battle with the weeds that want to take over my yard.

Oh, heck, I'm just ready for winter to be over.

And, of course, by northern Virginia's steamy and semi-malarial August, I'll be grousing for a little snow.

There's just no satisfying some people, is there?

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow.



John said...

"...ready for ladies in tanktops"

You just want to see those hairy arms.

I'm also ready for summer clothing.

Wv: supho..the queen of the corner, steps into a nearby phone booth (when was the last time you saw one of those?) in a school girl's uniform and steps out in leathers and has a whip. She is Sup-ho

bandit said...

This past week we have had days in the 50's and 60's and days with the high in the low 30's....not much precip although yesterday western MO. received up to 6 inches of snow.

The adage around here is that if you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes.

juke...sound a box makes

fiona said...

We've got rain, again. Nothing quite beats a soggy horse, hi ho of to work I go!

Melissa B. said...

I was hoping for a more temperate weekend, so I could get some gardening in. Well, not REAL gardening, but straightening up, pulling and reorganizing. It's supposed to be 60 next weekend, though, so I guess outdoor chores can wait...and I sure could use a snow day!

Bilbo said...

John - that seems like as good a reason as any to me! And you were really reaching for that verification word!

Bandit - our latest forecast is for anywhere between 5 to 11 inches. Your guess is as good as mine.

Fiona - I know the soggy horse thing well. Good luck.

Melissa - I hear least I can pull the weeds that are growing out of all the junk on my desk, chair, floor, bookshelves, etc.

Mike said...

Went for a walk in the park a little while ago with Claudia. It's chilly but sunny.

Wv - preoptil - When the nurse gets you ready for surgery with a tiller.

Twinkie said...

It was 80 degrees this Sunday in Central California. So thank you, East Coast, for taking one for the team!