Monday, October 05, 2009

40th Reunion

The good news is that Agnes and I are home from our visit to Pittsburgh and the 40th anniversary reunion of the North Allegheny High School class of 1969. We got a chance to visit with my Father and to get re-acquainted with a lot of old (and new) friends I hadn't seen since - in some cases - 1969. I'd missed the 10 and 20 year reunions by being overseas, and some of my old friends didn't make it to the 30-year bash back in 1999, so this one was a real treat, with about 150 members of our graduating class of around 580 in attendance. The only problem was that I spent so much time with some people that I missed the chance to see many others. Here's a picture of the group that met for an impromptu pre-reunion party on Saturday evening...

We had a grand time, and Agnes turned out to be a big hit with everyone. Our only regret was that none of us had thought to bring the lens filters for our cameras that correct for hair color, wrinkles, and other gifts of time and gravity.

But we're back now and the bad news is that, in true Bilbo fashion, I have come down with a terrible cold. The good news is that it doesn't seem to be flu...the bad news is that I still feel like something the cat dragged in, then dragged back out again after getting a look at it in the light. Bummer. Happily, I have enough sick days saved up to pull myself back together again.

So that's all for this morning. If I feel better later on, I may do another post to get back into my grouchy groove, but for now, I'm going back to bed.

Have a good day. More thoughts coming.



Amanda said...

Good to hear that you enjoyed the reunion before the cold got you. I still haven't been to a single high school reunion....maybe one day.

Have a good day of rest.

Mike said...

Did you do like I do when you walk into one of these 30 or 40 year things and go, "Who are all these old people?"

Debbie said... was great seeing you again! My only regret is that I cannot upload my pic of you dancing with Agnes to wow your blog fans! See you again in 5 years if not sooner!!!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Great pic!

Bilbo said...

Amanda - I have an advantage in that my reunions are at least on the same continent where I'm living!

Mike - that was the 30th reunion. This time, we'd all exchanged pictures via Facebook so that the shock wasn't quite as bad.

Debbie - Likewise!! I know you and Bob and Agnes and I will see each other again before then!

Andrea - I'll tell Agnes...she took it!

Leslie David said...

I'll agree with Mike, without the name tags there are people at the reunion I never would have recognized. I'm glad you and Agnes had a good time--I knew your lovely trophy wife would be a hit.