Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Isn't Quite What I Was Expecting...

I thought California was supposed to be warm and sunny and full of beautiful blondes gliding around on in-line skates, chased by blonde beefcakes. There was a freeze warning last night, for pete's sake ... the beautiful blondes are all wearing sweatshirts and jackets instead of tank tops! And the wind ... I haven't seen this much wind since Rush Limbaugh's last news conference. And I thought Los Angeles was the place where the beautiful people cruise around, ignoring traffic laws intended for lesser beings while trying to be seen so they can complain about the burden of fame. I haven't seen a single celebrity yet. This is an outrage!

Okay, I've got it out of my system, now.

Today is the last day of my conference here in Los Angeles. I'll be flying home tomorrow, hopefully in an aircraft with two functioning, non-distracted pilots. I may not have a chance to post the blog before I get home, so don't panic.

This isn't much of a post, but I need to get going before everyone else eats all the food at the conference continental breakfast.

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow (or when I get home).



Capitol Hill 20210 said...

Safe Trip home!

Also to your eminence you sent me a comment -- thank you - you are very sweet!!!

Anonymous said...


Going to LA sounds like a great idea.

Thanks for your nice message.

Eminence Grise

aka, Grandpa with a daughter and granddaughters.

Leslie David said...

It's not always warm and sunny. Too bad it wasn't for you. Real celebrities probably look like everyone else, so you won't notice them. Safe trip home tomorrow, if your pilot doesn't overshoot the airpirt I hope to see you at the studio party tomorrow night--you can come as a frazzled Federal employee.

Mike said...

"full of beautiful blondes"

They know you're there. They're waiting for you to leave. It happened to me too.

Amanda said...

Have a safe trip home tomorrow.