Sunday, February 19, 2012

Guest Post

Hey, everybody! Nessa here once again. How's everyone this morning? I'm feeling comfortable and well-rested, thanks for asking...

But yesterday was a bit grueling, though. Let me tell you about it.

Bilbo and Agnes went out early in the morning to watch their granddaughters' swimming lesson, and they left me here to guard the house from burglars, itinerant political hacks, squirrels, deer, and other dogs. It's a job I can do very well, especially since I can do it from the sofa under the window or - as you can see in this picture - from my nice cushion in the upstairs hallway, right between the doorway to the kitchen and the steps down to the front door (from here, I have a great view out the transom window, so no evil mailmen or delivery people can get past my watchful gaze).

Oh, and speaking of my nice cushion ... why don't they make these things bigger?

But I was talking about yesterday, wasn't I?

Anyhow, after Bilbo and Agnes came home, they felt guilty (I helped!) because they'd left me alone for a while, so they decided to take me for a nice long walk up to the local shopping center. They do this fairly often, actually ... we walk up to the shopping center, and then Bilbo waits with me on the sidewalk in front of the Giant (that's a store that sells dog food and lunch meat and treats, and some other stuff that people need) while Agnes goes in to buy whatever they need. This is a pretty good deal, since I get to rest up for the second leg of the walk AND have people fuss over me while I sit there with Bilbo.

Bilbo says I'm a babe magnet, which is true. Women love me. They'll cross the street to come up and ask Bilbo, "Can I pet your dog?", which he almost always allows. And then the women always comment on how cute and well-behaved I am and all that. Which is all true, of course.

This is a bit frustrating for Bilbo, though. He told Agnes yesterday that it doesn't make much sense to have a dog that's such a babe magnet now that he doesn't need it any more. I think he wishes all those good-looking women would scratch him under the chin and kiss him and rub his tummy and all that stuff.

Sometimes, it's good to be the dog.

So anyway, Agnes finished buying all the stuff she needed and then she came back and we got ready to walk home. I picked up my stick (I always have to have something to carry, you know ... it's that retriever thing) and Bilbo and Agnes divided up all the bags and we strolled on home. People in passing cars looked at us and smiled, because I think they enjoy seeing a good dog taking her people for a walk.

And I am, of course, a good dog. Don't listen to what that #$@! cat down the street tells you.

Well, it's going to be a quiet day here. Agnes is getting organized for her trip back to Germany, Bilbo is trying (again ... or is it still, I don't know) to clean off his desk and organize his study, and the weatherman says we're going to have something happen this afternoon. I hope it's snow, because it's really annoying when it rains a lot and we come home and Bilbo smells like a wet human.

Have a good day. Bilbo will be back tomorrow.




eViL pOp TaRt said...

Well Nessa, I hope Agnes has a good trip to Germany and has left you with dog treats to console you in her absence. And maybe you can guilt Bilbo into walks.

Actually, you're in good hands.

But somehow your human has a different view of snow than you do!

Mike said...

Nessa, tell Bilbo to give you an extra treat for being such a good babe magnet.

Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

Nessa may differ, but a gray tabby cat also serves as a good chick magnet. How do you get one to follow on a leash, though?

Amanda said...

I wouldn't mind dog sitting you if I lived closer. You sound adorable.

Nessa said...

Hey, Angelique! Don't worry about me ... Agnes is easier to guilt into stuff than Bilbo is, but I can handle him!

Mike - he can't carry enough treats for as good a babe magnet as I am!

Elvis - I know that women seem to like cats (there's no accounting for taste), but I think you'll find it easier to get the babe on the leash than the cat.

Amanda - oh, I am!!! And you can dog-sit me any time, except I don't think Bilbo has one of those retractable leashes that's long enough to reach Australia. Too bad.

Izzy said...

Nessa - My human Dad thinks I'm a babe magnet too. In fact I heard my human mom ask him if he never runs into brunettes on these walks. He stammered. But all the blondes seem to gravitate to us you know?
And Nessa I was hoping for snow.
What is wrong with these humans?
Snowballs to catch, it's fun to run in it. I don't get them.

Leslie David said...

Hi Nessa,

Good to hear from you. Bilbo said he can't let you post more often or he might find a Facebook page that says I will get more "Likes" than Bilbo. OK, just kidding. I think he might be jealous if you get more comments than he does.