Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Has Sprung, etc

Yesterday turned out to be a completely marvelous spring ... hell, summer day here in Disneyland-on-the-Potomac. The sun smiled down from a nearly cloudless sky, the birds sang in the trees, and Bilbo spent most of the day working on repairing winter's damage to the yard. Or at least, to that part of the yard seen from the street (you have to prioritize, ya' know what I'm sayin'?). We also visited the local grandchildren and learned how to play "What Time Is It, Mr Wolf?", which is much fun when played with a two year-old who has just a happily vague sense of what it's all about.

So, yesterday was a great day. Today should be similar, weather-wise, and my goal is to get my garden plots cleaned out and re-composted in readiness for the spring planting. And after that, it should be just about time for a well-deserved gin and tonic on the deck to help get ready for the work week ahead.

Ah, spring!

Turning to other things ...

The Style Invitational Contest is a weekly feature of The Washington Post, in which readers are invited to submit their humorous answers to all sorts of crazy questions and set-ups. This morning, Miss Cellania reprinted some of the better responses to one of my favorite Style Invitational contests: take a well-known foreign word or phrase, change it by a letter or two, and redefine it. Here, for your Sunday laugh quotient, is a sampling ...

Harlez-vous Francais? - Can you drive a French motorcycle?

Ex post fucto - Lost in the mail.

Idios amigos - We're wild and crazy guys!

Cogito, eggo sum - I think; therefore, I am a waffle.

Rigor Morris - The cat is dead.

Responde s'il vous plaid - Honk if you're Scots (that one's for you, Fiona!)

Que sera serf - Life is feudal.

Le roi c'est mort. Jive le roi - The King is dead. No kidding.

Posh mortem - Death styles of the rich and famous. Or, a really classy funeral.

Pro bozo publico - Support your local clown.

Monage a trois - I am three years old.

Felix Navidad - Our cat has a boat.

Haste cuisine - Fast French food.

Veni, Vidi, Vice - I came, I saw, I partied.

Quip pro quo - A fast retort.

Porte-kochere - Sacramental wine.

Ich liebe rich - I'm really crazy about fat food. Or, I'm a gold-digger.

Fui generis - What's mine is mine.

Visa la France - Don't leave chateau without it.

Veni, vidi, visa - I came, I saw, I bought.

Ca va sans dirt - And that's not gossip.

Merci rien - Thanks for nothin'.

Amicus puriae - Platonic friend.

Any others? Leave a comment ... and enjoy the good weather.

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow.



eViL pOp TaRt said...

That should be an excellent party game for the literate! Great post, Bilbo!

Good luck with the garden!

Mike said...

The grass is 'springing' out of the ground this year.

Banana Oil said...

Haste cuisine would be fine for me.