Wednesday, February 24, 2010

High-Tech Fairy Tales

I had another post all ready to go this morning, but then I read Miss Cellania's blog this morning and found one of the funniest things I've seen in a while: fairy tales updated with modern technology. Check these out...

Little Bo Peep never loses sheep because of their embedded silicon identity chips.

Cinderella searches for her prince on - and leases her pumpkin-colored SUV at

Hansel and Gretel use the GPS rather than bread crumbs but have reported problems stuffing the wicked witch into her microwave oven.

To avoid travel stress, Alice now plans her Wonderland vacation with

A reformed Ebenezer Scrooge sends Bob Cratchett to update his certification for Excel and Quiken.

Jack's making a fortune on his bean stalk bioengineering breakthrough.

Old McDonald uses voice recognition to make ordering easy at his agricultural auction site

Romeo and Juliet avoid tragic problems by keeping in touch through their cell phones.

With her early Web capabilities, Charlotte is now a motivational speaker at tech conferences around the world.

The Pied Piper switched career fields after his tunes were bootlegged on Napster.

King Arthur has replaced that expensive round table with satellite video conferencing.

Gulliver is on sabbatical using up all his frequent flyer miles.

Jack and Jill order their Evian on

Sleeping Beauty was treated for sleep apnea and now enjoys normal sleep thanks to her CPAP machine.

Little Red Riding Hood whipped out her taser and put the wolf quickly in his place.

The last two are my adds...anyone have any other ideas?

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow.



Bandit said...

After the forest fire, Henny Penny used her Magellan to find Bambi a new home in Bilbo's neighborhood.

Amanda said...

LOL! I suppose Snow White's step mother would be using hidden cameras with face recognition and algorithms to calculate perfection to find the fairest one of all.

I'll have to bring some of this up to Aaron the next time we read one of these stories.

allenwoodhaven said...

Old Mother Hubbard was able to give her dog more than just a bone because she had steak delivered after shopping at home from her computer at the local supermarket.

Mrs. Geezerette said...

The Three Blind Mice sued the farmer's wife for damages. The evidence: a bloody carving knife belonging to the farmer's wife...and three missing tails. The mice won their case big time.

With all that money, the three of them got tail transplants and facelifts. Then they bought a huge estate in the south of France and turned it into a lavish spa for rodents.

Mrs. Geezerette said...

I want to change the ending of my Three Blind Mice story so that it is in keeping with the modern technology theme of the other fairy tale characters ih your post.

Then they (the mice) bought a huge estate in the south of France....and turned it into A HOME FOR WAYWARD COMPUTER MICE.

There...that should do it. ;-)

Mike said...

Sleeping Beauty was being treated for sleep apnea at a clinic and met John. He talked her into going to Ted Drews. She liked it so much she's a 400 pounder now.