Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You Mean I Got Up for THIS???

Well, as you have already read, I was up this morning at 5:15...looked out the window...muttered some unpleasantries, and went back to bed. Then, later, I did something stupid.

I got up again.

And now, here I sit at my desk, looking out the window at all the snow in the world coming down on our heads, whipped around by howling winds into occasional near-whiteout conditions.

This is not fun.

"White Presidents' Day" doesn't have quite the same cozy ring as "White Christmas." Oh, wait...we had that, too. Hmmph.

I understand that we are now in the season known as winter, and in winter we expect snow. The problem is that we've been spoiled by a long stretch of years in which we didn't have much snow...and here in Northern Virginia, we usually get more sleet and freezing rain than snow, anyhow. I just wish Mother Nature hadn't decided to dump ten years worth of the white stuff on us all at once.

Oh, least the editorial cartoonists are getting something out of it...

If you will excuse me, I have to go and figure out where to put all this new snow when conditions finally allow me to go out and shovel it. I'm not sure I can heave it high enough to get it on top of the existing piles.

This is yucky.

Have a good day. If you are someplace where it isn't snowing (yes, Amanda, this group includes you!), feel lucky.

More thoughts later.



Mike said...

I have nothing more to add. Except that I have some reading material today for the snowbound.

Bandit said...

Mike, or mall bound.

That's a clever cartoon.

SusieQ said...

Did you take part in the big D.C. snowball fight?

Amanda said...

I've been watching the news about all the snow and I do feel lucky (in a detached way) now. I hope you have less snowy days soon.

Leslie David said...

Don't forget to throw it in the direction the wind is blowing.