Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Driving Bilbo Crazy

There are a lot of people that drive me crazy. Well, maybe not drive me crazy...Agnes would tell you it's not more than a short putt. Be that as it may, there really are some people who seem to go out of their way to make me pull out what's left of my formerly-brown hair. Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party loonies, gun nuts, far-left wackos ...

... and stupid drivers.

Yes, there's nothing quite like driving from Northern Virginia to Pittsburgh via the Pennsylvania Turnpike on a holiday weekend to give you a warm feeling toward your fellow man. Here are a few species of drivers we could do without:

1. People who move into the left lane and stay there, driving at least 10 mph below the rest of the traffic.

2. Huge trucks roaring uphill on a two-lane stretch of road at 3 mph, with one trying to pass the other.

3. People who are in the left lane with their left blinker on, who then realize that THIS is their exit, and roar across all lanes of traffic to cut you off as they exit to the right.

4. People who don't realize that a turn signal is actually meant to indicate a coming turn, and just turn it on so they can watch the pretty blinking light on the dash.

5. People who slow down to 4 angstroms per fortnight to make a turn, and then switch on their turn signal while halfway through the turn. And it's the signal on the opposite side from the direction of the turn.

6. People who pull up to a turnpike toll plaza and park at the gate before searching high and low for their toll ticket. Then, having found it, they search the entire car for the money to pay the toll. And then they try to pay a $6.00 toll with a $100 bill.

That's all. If you recognized yourself on this list, consider yourself the recipient of a digital finger.

Okay, it's all out of my system now.

Until next trip.

Have a good day. More thoughts tomorrow.



The Mistress of the Dark said...

So how much construction was there going Eastbound? Do I even want to trek as far as Bedford this summer?

Mike said...

The two trucks passing each other can get 20 to 30 cars backed up.

allenof woodhaven said...

George Carlin said, "Did you ever notice that people going faster than you are jerks and people going slower are idiots?"; so true, so true....

SusieQ said...

I get impatient with people who take their sweet old time turning left when the green arrow appears. Sometimes those green arrows are on then off in a blink of the eye.

Leslie David said...

It's why I don't drive on holiday weekends.