Friday, January 28, 2011

The Fun Continues...

Well, yesterday we dealt with the aftermath of our 5-inch mini-Snowmageddon. Not all that much snow (compared to what we got in Pittsburgh when I was growing up there), but plenty enough to cause amazing chaos in Disneyland-on-the-Potomac. Nothing - not even the Republicans - can do more to bring progress to a screeching halt than a little snow.

But that was yesterday.

Yesterday, I opted to take a day of unscheduled leave rather than try to drive sideways up our hill and out to where the roads had actually been plowed and treated. Today, the plows have come down my street and lovingly groomed the 5 inches of snow into 2-1/2 inches of ice. Yesterday, our local buses ran a "Saturday schedule," which means there was no service anywhere within walking distance of my igloo. Today, they're running an "adjusted normal" service, which means that my bus route is operating, but the buses won't come into the neighborhood - I need to walk a bit less than a mile up to the local shopping center to pick it up. I don't mind the walk...the problem is that the bus supervisors can't or won't tell you the times the bus will actually arrive at and depart from said shopping center.


The last time they did this, during the Snowmageddon of February '10, I hiked up to the shopping center in knee-deep snow, only to arrive just as the bus was leaving, whereupon I waited about 45 minutes for the next one.

Double sigh.

Well, enough kvetching. Time to put on my four layers of long johns, three sweaters, parka, two hats, gloves, mukluks, and Yak Trax, and hit the road in search of a bus.

If you haven't heard from me by this time tomorrow, send out this guy...

Have a good day. Stay warm and dry while you wait for Cartoon Saturday.



Gilahi said...

I really wish you wouldn't post pictures of me on the web without my permission.

Wv - redsmug: 1) A feeling of superiority adopted by Communists; 2) A coffee cup belonging to anyone named "Red".

Bilbo said...

Gilahi - What's the matter? I sort of liked your new hair style.

Mike said...

"adjusted normal"

Hey! That's what I tell people I am!

KathyA said...

And evidently more is coming! :)