Friday, June 10, 2011

A Pain in the ... uh ... Glass

You may have seen this story on CNN: Glass Staircase Not Dress Friendly.

Yes, Dear Readers, the story reports on a beautiful, modernistic staircase in a newly-opened Ohio courthouse. The staircase is made of glass which, especially when combined with the wide proliferation of camera-equipped cell phones, is probably not the optimum material for preserving the modesty of ladies who wear dresses when they visit the courthouse and must attend to business above the ground floor. This is what the staircase looks like:

Security guards, according to the story, recommend women clad in dresses take the elevators, but they are "hoping people will be mature about the situation."

The best line in the entire story: Judge Julie Lynch, who usually wears a dress to work under her judicial robes, said, "They hope people will be mature? That's not a solution. If we had mature people that didn't violate the law, we wouldn't have this building."

If I ever have to go to court, I want this lady to hear my case.

The story does not indicate whether anything can (or will) be done about the beautiful, but modesty-challenging staircase. Perhaps it can be removed and donated to some government building in Iran, Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia, where it would probably make the ultraconservative clerics heads explode. In the meantime, ladies, wear pants if you go to court in Franklin County, Ohio.

Tomorrow is Cartoon Saturday, which will have a tough time topping this story, but we'll try. More thoughts then.



Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I showed this to my husband and he laughed and said, "gee just like when I was 8 years old - i would have loved that staircase."

I think the judges remarks are spot on and sadly funny.

Have a great weekend -keep cool.

Anonymous said...

Of course being a government building, the design was subjected to countless review meetings, committee meetings, consulting meetings, minority contractor empowerment meetings, during which none of the attendees actually looked at the plans while pushing their own agendas. My guess is that Judge Julie looked at the design too, and worried most about how large her chambers were going to be.

John A Hill said...

I think the post would have had a greater impact if you would have posted some of those phone camera pics that were mentioned!

KKTSews said...

@ Banister, funny, but I live in Columbus Ohio where this is located and I don't think anyone here has made this observation, which is likely correct! They have, however, commented that the stairway was OBVIOUSLY designed by a man.
Like so many govt buildings, this one has been riddled with all kinds of construction delays and various issues, including the fact that wireless communications devices don't work in it (though that was not a design intent).

I sure hope I never have to set foot in the courthouse but if I do, I hope Judge Julie is on my case!

Mike said...

The fix for the problem is duct tape over the glass. Duct tape fixes anything.

Anonymous said...

@Mike... as my pal Red Green is fond of saying... "If there's duct tape left on the roll, there's obviously work to be done."

Melissa B. said...

Judge Julie? I'd call her Judy Judy! And I concur with her, wholeheartedly!!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Country eastern music? Why not!